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Water Damage in Sitka AK 99835

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Ugh! The basement’s flooded. Honey, the toilet overflowed again! Oh no, the pipes must have burst! We had to evacuate because the Hillsborough river overflowed its bank.

None of these situations is a good one and cleaning up after flooding is never fun. But as nasty as it is, cleaning up the mess needs to happen quickly. It doesn’t matter if you’re tired or Water Mitigation Company Sitka AK not in the mood to deal with it, waiting to perform water cleanup only makes matters worse.

No matter what type of flooding occurred, any time water is allowed to sit, damage will occur. The longer the water sits, the more damage. For example, if you act promptly to mop up a toilet overflow and then clean the floor, damage is minimal. But what Sitka AK if you didn’t know the toilet had overflowed? What if one of your kids managed to turn off the water but failed to mention that the carpets were soaked? The water is now soaking in, warping the floorboards or reaching down to the carpet padding. If it’s an upstairs bathroom, water may head south, traveling down the walls or through the ceiling to Water Damage Repair Sitka AK the floor below. Within a few hours, a musty odor may appear. Before you know it, your minor overflow involves replacing carpets, repainting ceilings, ripping out moldy wallpaper, and other hassles.

With larger floods, such as when a river decides to flood your home, you don’t always have the option of a fast response. You may not be allowed home for days, or even Sitka AK weeks! High humidity levels and standing water are taking their toll. You can bet that cleanup is going to be a mess. The longer you wait, the worse it will be. In these cases, pay attention to evacuation orders and find out when you will be allowed to return. While you’re evacuated, call a water restoration company and put them on alert, too. Sitka AK Call early so that you can make sure you’ll be placed on their schedule for priority service. Now is not the time to take a vacation and deal with the water damage when you get back. Every minute counts.

As soon as it is safe to return, get moving! You have a huge job ahead of you and the mess will only get worse Sitka AK the longer you delay. Double check that the power is off before entering your home. Open the doors and let the water flow out of the house, helping it along its way with push brooms and a hose. You may have to remove everything from the bottom floors and thoroughly wash down all surfaces before allowing the home to dry completely. In addition Sitka AK to cleaning and drying, disinfecting all items and surfaces is a must because flood waters bring with them all kinds of hazardous hitch hikers including sewage and chemicals. As you can imagine, cleaning up after a flood is not generally a do-it-yourself job. Bring in professionals for water cleanup and restore your home quickly, before the damage gets worse.

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